Useful Information for Life in Heisei Japan is a collection of knowledge on Japan that has been passed down within everyday living. It includes Japanese culture and traditions passed down since ancient times, and manners, covering a wide scope of areas, including traditional events, life customs, words and phrases of the four seasons, and the wisdom of everyday life. This knowledge is useful not only for Japanese people themselves, living in Japan, but is also a great collection of cultural information unique to Japan, which will be fascinating for people studying Japanese language or culture abroad. It is a virtual treasure trove of information on Japan.

The contents are based on the Manner and Common Sense Encyclopedia that is included as a supplement to the 2007 Encyclopedia of Contemporary Words published by JIYUKOKUMINSHA, and the Calendar of Conventions for Each Month: Enjoying the Seasons with All Five Senses, which was included as a supplement to the 2008 edition. The Manner and Common Sense Encyclopedia provides easy-to-understand explanations of common sense that any adult should know, including everyday manners such as greetings, grooming and appearance, and use of language, as well as proper manners for special events. The Calendar of Conventions for Each Month lists seasonal celebrations, tastes, and clothing appropriate for each month according to the current solar calendar.

Contents information

Original books マナーと常識事典(『現代用語の基礎知識』2007年版別冊付録)
Publication date Manner and Common Sense Encyclopedia: November 2, 2006
Calendar of Conventions for Each Month: December 3, 2007
Number of volumes Two volumes
Book price
Release date of JK September 1, 2009
Number of entries 620 entries
Number of characters 226,000 characters
About search Book Shelves feature available
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(as of April 2014)

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