The Pocket Progressive Chinese-Japanese/Japanese-Chinese Dictionary is a portable dictionary that rivals desk dictionaries in its number of entries and careful description of function words and keywords. The dictionary is also updated with the latest information.
The Chinese-Japanese dictionary contains 10,100 main entry characters, with a total of 78,000 entries. Neologisms and technical terms are widely included, and the content is also sufficient for use in business. Furthermore, keywords are highlighted in red, and their usage is explained concisely so that even novice learners can easily understand them. The Japanese-Chinese dictionary includes a substantial 20,000 entries.
The JapanKnowledge edition maintains the same structure as the printed version. It also exploits the features of the Web by linking reference items in the main text so that they can be displayed with just a single click.
The user can search not only by entering Chinese characters or pinyin, but also by entering Roman characters without tone marks (e.g. chénggōng 【成功】→ chenggong) and Roman characters with numbers as tone marks (e.g. cheng2gong1). The JapanKnowledge edition of the dictionary makes it easy to search even if you do not know the tone of the word.
The Pocket Progressive Chinese-Japanese/Japanese-Chinese Dictionary: Use it for business, learning, and travel.
Editors: Akira Takenobu, Shinichi Yamada, Yu Furukawa, Hiroko Mori

Contents information

Original books ポケットプログレッシブ中日・日中辞典
Publisher Shogakukan, Inc.
Publication date March 20, 2006
Number of volumes One volume
Book price Base price: ¥3,200 + tax
Release date of JK April 23, 2012
Number of entries Chinese-Japanese :
main entry characters 10,100 ; 78,000 entries
Japanese- Chinese : 20,000 entries
Number of characters Chinese-Japanese : 1,775,000 characters
Japanese-Chinese : 430,000 characters
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Frequency of update
(as of April 2014)

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