This illustrated guide, in 20 volumes, describes over 1,000 famous places in Edo (Tokyo City before 1868). The digital format allows searches of the panoramic views and realistic illustrations.
Revision / 市古夏生、鈴木健一
Cut line / 鈴木章生

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Original books 『江戸名所図会』 CD-ROM版
ちくま学芸文庫 『新訂 江戸名所図会I~VI』
Publisher CD-ROM edition: Yumani Shobo
Paperback edition: Chikumashobo Ltd.
Publication date CD-ROM edition: February 10,2000
Paperback edition: September 10, 1996 - February 10, 1997
Number of volumes Paperback edition: six volumes
Book price CD-ROM edition: Base price ¥58,000 + tax
Paperback edition: Base price ¥7,800 + tax
Release date of JK April 10, 2008
Number of entries 1,800 entries / Illustration: 742 pieces
Number of characters 1,380,000 characters
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