The third edition of the popular Pocket Progressive French-Japanese/Japanese-French Dictionary can help you accurately grasp the meaning of French words you come across in a variety of situations. Clear-cut translations of words are provided for people working in the front line of various fields. The dictionary contains carefully selected new words, technical terms and abbreviations, with detailed descriptions provided for important words and function words where necessary. Idioms required for reading newspapers and magazines are included to the maximum extent possible. Words that are often mispronounced are presented with their correct pronunciations. The dictionary contains as many place names as possible, including locations outside France. The French-Japanese dictionary contains 56,000 entries, and the Japanese-French dictionary includes 10,000 headwords and 14,000 examples.
Taking advantage of the two-color printing in the printed edition, the JapanKnowledge edition displays important words in an easy-to-recognize format. Parts-of-speech and labels for technical terms are included unabridged, enabling you to search for a word based on these items. Also, the dictionary presents idioms without the omission of the headword shown by a swung dash, thus allowing you to search for idioms.
Editorial supervisor: Masayoshi Oga
Editor: Masahiko Tagiri

Contents information

Original books ポケットプログレッシブ仏和・和仏辞典[第3版]
Publisher Shogakukan, Inc.
Publication date April 1, 2006
Number of volumes One volume
Book price Base price: ¥2,400 + tax
Release date of JK November 17, 2009
Number of entries French-Japanese: 56,000 entries
Japanese-French: 10,000 entries
Number of characters French-Japanese: 1,710,000 characters
Japanese-French: 929,000 characters
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(as of April 2014)

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