First published in 1985, Shogakukan Grand German-Japanese Dictionary (2nd Edition) has a total of 160,000 entries and 180,000 usage examples, making it Japan’s largest German dictionary for the serious user. With additional roles as an encyclopedia, pronunciation guide, thesaurus and technical dictionary, it is the first choice for businesspersons, scholars and learners.
The JapanKnowledge edition contains audio data of about 10,000 heading words. Users can listen to the pronunciation by clicking the Audio button. Care is especially taken to make it easy to read and understand for the user. For example, the part of speech, category of technical term, and other information in the entry are presented in their full form whenever possible so they can be instantly understood. Headings of compound words are spelled out in their entirety instead of abbreviated. Instead of “~” in usage examples, the full word is used.
* The contents of the dictionary rely on the old orthography. However, heading words are given in both the old and new orthographies whenever possible to facilitate search.
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Editorial board:  国松孝二・岩崎英二郎・橋本郁雄・濱川祥枝・小野寺和夫・原田武雄・千石 喬・中島悠爾・平尾浩三・三城満禧・楢原良行・新田春夫

Contents information

Original books 小学館 独和大辞典 第2版
Publisher Shogakukan, Inc.
Publication date November 14, 1997
Number of volumes One volume
Book price Base price: ¥23,000 + tax
Release date of JK July 23, 2015
Number of entries 150,000 entries
Number of characters 15,060,000 characters
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(as of July 2015)

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