Nihon Hogen Daijiten (The Comprehensive Dictionary of Dialects in Japan) is a comprehensive reference compilation with two hundred thousand entries of local vocabulary found in the dialects dispersed throughout Japan (Hokkaido to Okinawa).
This lexicon of dialects is a collection of terms found in over one thousand linguistic sources, such as glossaries of regional language that have been edited or recorded, starting in the early modern period until the contemporary period. Each entry is accompanied by its meaning, the region(s) where it is used, examples of usage, and a “resource reference number.” If a term from a dialect is found in documentary sources, it is introduced as a “documented example,” allowing for a better understanding of the term’s historical context. An additional feature is a “phonological compendium” for cross-referencing the standard Japanese syllabary with the phonetic units of a dialectical term, along with other resources.
The JapanKnowledge edition includes a “standard Japanese referencing index” allowing the user to find related words in dialects from standard Japanese, a welcome appendage to the referencing system that starts with the dialect terms.
With this compilation, Okuni kotoba wo shiru: Hogen no chizu-cho (Learning our country’s languages: a dialect map atlas; Shogakukan) is an extra inclusion. By using the maps found in it, it is possible to see at a glance the range covered by the various dialects. Not only can the dispersion and transformation of a particular dialectical form be ascertained, the user can read detailed analyses and related columns.

Another convenient function is the “resource reference number” (in blue), which, when touched with the cursor, makes a pop-up window appear providing bibliographical information, such as the title of the original source, author or editor, and year of creation or publication.

Nihon Hogen Daijiten
Editorial supervisor: 徳川宗賢      Editorial board: 徳川宗賢・佐藤亮一
Primary source collection: 大岩正仲      Compilation: 小学館辞典編集部
Okuni kotoba wo shiru: Hogen no chizu-cho
Editorial supervisor: 佐藤亮一      Compilation: 小学館辞典編集部

Contents information

Original books 日本方言大辞典 / お国ことばを知る 方言の地図帳
Publisher Shogakukan, Inc.
Publication date February 6, 1989 / July 20, 2002
Number of volumes Two volumes + One appendix (standard Japanese referencing index) / One volume
Book price Base price: ¥98,058 + tax / Base price: ¥2,500 + tax
Release date of JK June 21, 2016
Number of entries 210,000 entries
Number of characters 22,480,000 characters
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(as of June 2016)

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