Innovative Multi-Information Dictionary, Annual Series


Dictionary of modern terms, categorizing and explaining the latest terminology according to 140 distinct fields, linked to color illustrations.

imidas offers a careful selection of buzzwords and terms relating to current affairs, for reading and understanding the present world according to a variety of genres, along with commentary from approximately 200 specialists. They sift out the most meaningful of the keywords which emerge from a changing society, explaining their origins, context, and likely future evolution. In an online world abounding with anonymous information, imidas offers information of reliable authorship.
The JapanKnowledge edition contains the latest commentary on terms from approximately 140 fields of general classification, such as politics, economics, international affairs, society, science, culture, and sports. Additionally, the exclusive imidas collections of katakana words/abbreviations, and new words/buzzwords are included in database form.
Advanced search can be narrowed down by genre, including economics/industry, Japanese politics, foreign affairs, and more.

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Original Data Digital imidas 2018
Source SHUEISHA Inc.
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Release date May 18, 2005
Number of entries 70,400 entries
Number of characters 15,152,000 characters
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