“Kobunso Taika Koshomoku” is a set of antiquarian books catalogs sent to customers by Shigeo Sorimachi, who founded the vintage bookstore “Kobunso” in 1932. All pages of the 77 volumes of Kobunso’s catalogs of holdings, the bulk of which come from the Kobunso Taika Koshomoku, are now being digitalized.

The catalogs are filled with detailed bibliographical information and a wealth of illustrations, making them a useful reference for philological and bibliographical studies. The JapanKnowledge edition includes all volumes, which are usually not available in libraries since in principle the catalogs were not for sale. This further makes this digital archive a valuable resource.

The digitalization of Kobunso Taika Koshomoku enables the search of items (title, author, price, etc.) associated with each book. Furthermore, search results can be narrowed by the year of publication, content category, and other categories.

Contents information

Original books 弘文荘待賈古書目
Publisher Kobunso (Original magazine collection)
Original publication date June 1933 (Showa 8) - February 1984 (Showa 59)
Number of volumes 77 volumes (50 from Kobunso Taika Koshomoku and 27 other volumes)
Release date of JK July 1, 2016
Number of pages 10,000 pages
Number of articles 20,312 articles
About search Advanced Search and Book Shelves features available
(as of July 2016)
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