Que sais-je?≫ means “What do I know?” in French. This is the phrase one asks oneself when one wonders if he or she does not know anything. The Renaissance philosopher Michel de Montaigne made this phrase famous as his measure for gaining knowledge. New knowledge truly begins from knowing what one does not know.
Collection ≪Que sais-je?≫ is an unwavering effort to connect Montaigne’s philosophy and the spirit of the epochal 18th-century Encyclopaedia with the inquiry into truth. Collection ≪Que sais-je?≫ Best Selections, consisting of 354 volumes selected from the Japanese edition of Collection ≪Que sais-je?≫, originally published by Presses Universitaires de France (PUF), is now available on JapanKnowledge. Carefully chosen by the editors of Hakusuisha Publishing. You should be able to read your favorite titles on JapanKnowledge.

Contents information

Original books 文庫クセジュ
Publisher Hakusuisha Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publication date March 1952 - February 2009
Number of volumes 354 volumes
Book price Base price: ¥343,388 + tax
Release date of JK First release (50 volumes) : March 22, 2012
Second release (52 volumes) : October 29, 2012
Third release (50 volumes) : March 25, 2013
fourth release (50 volumes) : November 6, 2013
fifth release (50 volumes) : July 22, 2014
sixth release (50 volumes) : April 24, 2015
seventh release (52 volumes) : October 19, 2015
Number of entries 354 volumes ; 70,000 pages
Number of characters 39,000,000 characters
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