The Dictionary of Legal Terms is a specialized version of Yuhihaku’s Japanese Language Dictionary for legal terms. It contains 13,800 entries, from legal terms used in daily newspapers and television news programs to specialized terms necessary for academic study and legal practice. It explains rules unique to Japanese law on differences between similar words, such as the difference between “mataha” and “moshikuha” and between “tadachini” and “sumiyakani.” Also, each entry is explained in about 200 characters, with priority placed first on accuracy and ease of understanding. This dictionary can be used widely for purposes ranging from practical matters by public workers and corporate legal workers to study by people preparing for various national license exams.
The content of the dictionary conforms to the revision or abolition of laws after the previous edition.
[Major new laws]
Basic Act on Education, Act on General Incorporated Associations, Trust Act, Act on General Rules for Application of Laws, Act on Procedures for Amendment of the Constitution of Japan, Act on Special Accounts, Labor Contract Act, Insurance Act, Official Documents Management Act, Consumer Safety Act, Non-Contentious Cases Procedures Act, Family Affairs Cases Procedures Act, etc.
[Major revised laws]
Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Local Autonomy Act, Radio Act, Broadcast Act, Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Copyright Act, Agricultural Land Act, Patent Act, etc.
* The dictionary also contains laws related to the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Editor: Horeiyogo Kenkyukai

Contents information

Original books 法律用語辞典 第4版
Publisher Yuhikaku Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Publication date June 25, 2012
Number of volumes One volume
Book price Base price: ¥4,900 + tax
Release date of JK March 18, 2013
Number of entries 13,800 entries
Number of characters 1,950,000 characters
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(as of April 2014)

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