Shogakukan Robert Grand French-Japanese Dictionary contains a total of 120,000 entries, including 60,000 general terms, 40,000 technical terms, neologisms, abbreviations, colloquialisms and jargon. While words no longer in use today are excluded, neologisms and new definitions are substantially expanded. For technical terms, specialists in various fields are consulted to provide accurate translation and commentary.
This Dictionary also uses diverse sources such as topical articles from newspapers and magazines to provide the most appropriate, contextual usage examples regardless of their length. At the linguistic level, not only “standard” French but colloquialisms, abbreviations and verlan words are included.
The JapanKnowledge edition is especially prepared to render the information easy to understand for the user. Parts of speech and technical terms are fully written out instead of abbreviated. Each usage example is shown on its own line. Audio pronunciation is also provided for about 4,800 heading words. Idiomatic phrases and compound words can be searched as heading words.
Compilation:  小学館ロベール仏和大辞典編集委員会
大賀正喜・高橋武智・中川久定・松田 清・丸山圭三郎・山本淳一・朝倉 剛・鈴木重教・田桐正彦・水林 章・目黒士門

Contents information

Original books 小学館 ロベール仏和大辞典
Publisher Shogakukan, Inc.
Publication date November 25, 1988
Number of volumes One volume
Book price Base price: ¥28,000 + tax
Release date of JK July 23, 2015
Number of entries 120,000 entries
Number of characters 17,600,000 characters
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(as of July 2015)

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