The Shogakukan Japanese-Italian Dictionary, 2nd Edition, to which has been added a wide range of new entries, including the latest terms in current affairs and specialist vocabulary, contains roughly 53,000 headwords and 80,000 examples of usage. Great attention has been paid to facilitating the approach to useful and living Italian writing and conversation through the inclusion of sample conversations, glossaries, articles on, as well as a large number of proper nouns related to, Japanese traditions and culture, and an exhaustive listing of compound terms and idiomatic expressions.
In the JK edition, as well as headword and full text searches, it is also possible to make derivatives and composite terms the targets of searches. The dictionary is packed full of useful contents for practical business and learning for users from the beginner to the specialist.
Editorial supervisor: 和田忠彦
Editor: 西川一郎

Contents information

Original books 小学館 和伊中辞典 第2版
Publisher Shogakukan, Inc.
Publication date March 5, 2008
Number of volumes One volume
Book price Base price: ¥6,900 + tax
Release date of JK June 1, 2018
Number of entries 73,000 entries
Number of characters 7,141,000 characters
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(as of June 2018)

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