This is the Spanish dictionary in the popular Pocket Progressive series. The Spanish-Japanese dictionary contains 45,000 entries, and the Japanese-Spanish dictionary has 15,000, making this a small but authentic dictionary. The Spanish-Japanese dictionary covers basic words for learners, current terms, daily words and new words.
Since Spanish is used not only in Spain, but also in a variety of regions throughout the world, primarily in Central and South America, the dictionary provides detailed description of the Spanish used in these areas, based on an original survey data. In cases where the same concept is denoted by different words in Spain and in Central and South America, a column on regional differences gives a detailed explanation. For example, while the word examen, which means "school examination" is used in nearly all Spanish-speaking countries, the dictionary informs you that the word prueba is also used with the same meaning in Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay.
In addition, basic words such as prepositions, pronouns and conjunctions are explained in detail comparable to a middle-size dictionary, making the dictionary also useful for learning.
The Japanese-Spanish dictionary also contains as many examples and collocations as possible, enabling users to make necessary expressions in Spanish.
Chief editor: Toshihiro Takagaki
Editors: Kazumi Koike, Hiroko Omori and Shinya Hasegawa

Contents information

Original books ポケットプログレッシブ西和・和西辞典
Publisher Shogakukan, Inc.
Publication date November 1, 2003
Number of volumes One volume
Book price Base price: ¥2,800 + tax
Release date of JK June 1, 2010
Number of entries Spanish-Japanese: 45,000 entries
Japanese- Spanish: 15,000 entries
Number of characters Spanish-Japanese: 2,416,000 characters
Japanese-Spanish: 708,000 characters
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