This unique dictionary contains about 1,800 entries concerning library and information science, such as specialized terms related to basic concepts, library and information science education, library management, catalogues, categorization of subjects, indices and information search, and resources and media, as well as the names of relevant persons and organizations.
Besides being a resource to be kept close at hand for all librarians, this reference is a necessity for researchers, practitioners, and educators in the field of library and information science.
Compilation: 日本図書館情報学会・用語辞典編集委員会

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Original books 図書館情報学用語辞典 第4版
Publisher Maruzen Publishing Co., Ltd
Publication date December 25,2013
Number of volumes One volume
Book price Base price: ¥3,800 + tax
Release date of JK October 3, 2016
Number of entries 1,826 entries
Number of characters 407,022 characters
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(as of October 2016 )

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