Toyo Bunko Books is a great collection of oriental classics worthy of the name "great Asian books," which are frequently quoted as primary sources by researchers.

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Original books 東洋文庫
Publisher Heibonsha Limited, Publishers
Publication date October 1963 - July 2010
Number of volumes 772 volumes
Book price Base price: ¥2,059,300 + tax
Release date of JK The first release(300 volumes): October 29, 2003
The second release(155 volumes): April 15, 2004
The third release(131 volumes): December 21, 2004
The fourth release(106 volumes): July 25, 2006
The fifth release(80 volumes): July 1, 2019
Number of entries 772 volumes ; 272,000 pages
Number of characters 155,280,000 characters
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(as of July 2019)

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