Youth Progressive English-Japanese Dictionary (Expanded Digital Edition)


Expanded edition with added example sentences and new words, with a complete revision of the definitions. Rich in grammatical explanations, also featuring translation navigation supporting polysemous terms.

The expanded digital edition of the Youth Progressive English-Japanese Dictionary is revised from the 2004 edition of the Youth Progressive English-Japanese Dictionary, and can be used with digital equipment such as personal computers, smartphones and tablets as a part of the JapanKnowledge School content.

The Youth Progressive English-Japanese Dictionary was one of the first dictionaries to make use of the English corpus (a huge digital database of English expressions) in editing, containing a wealth of information on expressions useful for learning English.

Since this new edition is fully digital, and therefore has no restriction on the number of pages, with entries updated to reflect the latest information, the dictionary includes a greatly expanded number of usage examples (especially example sentences). The “translation term navigator” devised for polysemous words (words that have many different meanings), not only makes it possible to list translation terms that one wishes to remember but also enables an instantaneous jump to the entry in the main text by use of a jump function. Furthermore, as the explanatory columns on expressions are classified into “Notes on Usage,” “Notes on Sentence Structure” and “Differences in Expressions,” they are very readable and aid users to deepen understanding. Audio data has also been added to roughly 14,000 entries, so one can acquire correct pronunciation while looking at the headwords and phonetic symbols.

The search function enables searches for headwords as well as for idioms and example sentences. Running a Japanese search allows you to browse translational equivalents, idioms, and example sentences containing a given word. We invite you to explore these functions with various searches, making this your own personal tool for finding the information you need.

Chief editor: Yagi Katsumasa
Editorial committee: Uchida Seiji, Kinugasa Tadashi, Tanaka Minoru, Yasui Izumi

Contents information

Original books ユースプログレッシブ英和辞典
Publisher SHOGAKUKAN Inc.
Publication date April 1, 2004
Number of volumes One volume
Book price Base price: ¥3,000 + tax
Release date October 1, 2020
Number of entries 59,200 entries
Number of characters 7,560,000 characters
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