What is JapanKnowledge Lib?

JapanKnowledge Lib is an online web archive that boasts the largest corpus of encyclopedia, dictionaries, reference compilations, and periodical resources (approximately 80 different sources) in Japan. The basic search system that facilitates cross-referencing throughout all the sources in the collection is quite simple to use, but at the same time includes an original faceted navigation function for users to focus their particular searches in specific reference sources. This allows for greater detailed indexing.

JapanKnowledge Features

Faceted Search Function
Combined with Basic and Advanced searches of contents in any of the encyclopedic and dictionary sources, a Faceted search function is available for various ways to conduct particular searches according to the contents, and information can be accessed by categories or types of items. When the user has trouble finding an effective keyword, this function provides great assistance.
Search Result Page URLs Saved as Permanent Links
A permanent link is the unique URL of a specific web page. Search result pages of keyword, advanced, and other searches done using specific criteria, or text (item) pages can be bookmarked and also shared with multiple users.
Group Headings employed
Pages indexed using advanced searches done in Toyo Bunko (The Eastern Library series), The Complete Collection of Japanese Classical Literature (New Edition) and Collection « Que sais-je?» Best Selections, are sorted according to group headings of their original source or category.
Responsive Web Design for Smartphones
Window designing for various monitor sizes of mobile devices using Responsive Web Design allows for optimized viewing. Perusing page images (in PDF) is possible (with HTML5 adaptation).

Notice of System Maintenance

Scheduled for 21:00 on 31 Aug. 2024 -13:00 on 1 Sept. 2024 JST(UTC+09:00)

All JapanKnowledge services – JapanKnowledge Lib , Select Contents and JKBooks – are scheduled to become unavailable for use during the above mentioned period. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Thank you for your cooperation.