About Integration of JapanKnowledge Lib and JK Books

"I want to search the contents of JapanKnowledge Lib and JKBooks together." This desire is now a reality with the new JapanKnowledge Lib-JKBooks integrated platform.
JapanKnowledge Lib subscribers who purchased JKBooks contents can request platform integration.

Benefits of Integration

Gain the following benefits with the integrated platform:

  • Research becomes easier with the ability to perform a single search across all contents. Contents that are usually inconvenient to access can now be easily utilized.
  • JKBooks annual maintenance fee will no longer be necessary.

Integrated Image Search

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* For JKBooks, only purchased contents are shown.

Expenses can be kept to a minimum.

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Disadvantage of Integration

Please note that integration results in the following disadvantage:

  • The number of JapanKnowledge Lib accesses is applied to JKBooks simultaneous accesses.
    (For example, if the number of simultaneous access for JapanKnowledge Lib is 2, and the number of simultaneous access for JKBooks is 4, then under the integrated platform JKBook's simultaneous access is replaced by JapanKnowledge's simultaneous access, and the number of simultaneous access becomes 2.)

Application for Integration

After understanding the benefits and disadvantage of platform integration listed above, please fill out the Application Form for JKBooks and send directly to us or the nearest sales representative office.