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FAQ: admission

What is the difference between a corporate contract (JapanKnowledge Lib) and a personal contract (JapanKnowledge Personal)?
Services for corporate users (institutional use: JapanKnowldge Lib) are intended for use by organizations such as universities and public libraries, and provided the access numbers are within those stipulated in the contract, the services may be used by more than one person and there is no limitation on the number of people who use the services.
Services for individuals (individual use: JapanKnowledge Personal) are intended for use by individual persons, and since one member’s ID is issued for each individual contract, the services can only be used by the contractee to whom the member’s ID has been issued. Further, the composition of the contents that can be used differs depending on the course (product), but there is no difference regarding contents or function between services for corporations or individuals.

Privacy Policy - Purpose of collection and use of personal information

The registered name, address, contact information and payment information is used for the purposes of content distribution, payment procedure and confirmation. The personal information will not be used for other purposes than the required administration and service of JapanKnowledge.