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FAQ: environment

Can you please tell me the recommended computer environment for JapanKnowledge?
We recommend the following OS and browser environments.
【Computer environments】
OS Browser Notes
Windows 10/11 Latest update of Google Chrome
Latest update of Microsoft Edge
macOS 14 Latest update of Safari
*Only Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are able to display the "citation insert function."
【Smartphones and tablets】
OS Browser Notes
iPhone iOS 17 Latest update of Safari Knowledge Searcher will not run on this environment.
iPad iPadOS 17 Latest update of Safari
Android 14 * Latest update of Google Chrome Depending on the combination of browser and device, in some cases Knowledge Searcher may not run on this environment.
Android 13 * Latest update of Google Chrome
Android 12 * Latest update of Google Chrome
Android 11 * Latest update of Google Chrome
*PDF files cannot be displayed in a browser when using Android OS.
・The statements in the above table do not guarantee operability. Even with the recommended environment, it may not be possible to use the service, or the pages may not display correctly, due to the characteristics of the device model or browser.
・Using model dependent characters or extended kanji sets may result in problems such as character corruption or inability to obtain a correct search result. We request that you do not use these characters or kanji sets.
What authentication methods are there?

JapanKnowledge services are available through IP address authentication and ID/password authentication.

Global IP address authentication
This is for corporate users that have a fixed global IP address. When logging in, an ID/password screen is not displayed. Users can access the search screen directly.
The user device IP address can be confirmed at the link below.
The client environment can be confirmed here.
ID/password authentication
Please enter the member ID and password that were issued at the time of concluding the contract. This is for corporate users that do not have a global IP address.
What is the simultaneous access number?
The basic control of the use of JapanKnowledge services is according to the simultaneous access number. When access to JapanKnowledge is made from different devices within one corporate user (organization), it is possible to browse JapanKnowledge up to the simultaneous access number stipulated in the contract. (For example, in the case that a "four access" contract was concluded, JapanKnowledge services can be used from four different devices simultaneously.)
Can JapanKnowledge services be used from a smartphone or tablet?
JapanKnowledge can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet using the same URL as a PC. As the page design has been optimized to adjust to the screen display size, the services can be used comfortably even on a small screen.

*Knowledge Searcher does not run on Mac iOS.
I want to place a JapanKnowledge link on a page.
JapanKnowledge is link-free, but there are a number of cautions.
Please see the following page for details.

About links

Privacy Policy - Purpose of collection and use of personal information

The registered name, address, contact information and payment information is used for the purposes of content distribution, payment procedure and confirmation. The personal information will not be used for other purposes than the required administration and service of JapanKnowledge.