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5 Text DisplayWatch video

By clicking the title of the information displayed in the result screen, you will be able to see the full text of the article.


Knowledge SearcherWatch video

"Knowledge Searcher" has the function to search words from the text. By clicking the "Knowledge Searcher" button on the top right side of the page, you will activate this function. Initially the "Knowledge Searcher" is set off.

ナレッジサーチャー ボタン

If you want to search a word in the text, drag the word, and the Knowledge Searcher window will appear with its results.

ナレッジサーチャー ウィンドウ

The maximum words you can search at once in the "Knowledge Searcher" are 40 characters. If you search more than 40 characters, or include the images attached on the text (such as the external character images), the "Knowledge Searcher" will not work properly.

Print FunctionWatch video

By using the print function of the browser, you will be able to print the page as it is displayed. Click the menu button of the browser (most browsers have the menu button at the top right corner) and select "Print." To print out, select the printer, number of copies and click "Print."

Previous entry / Next entryWatch video

By using these buttons, you can move to the next entry (article) or to the previous one.


Previous List / Next List

If you click ▼ on the right side, you will be able to see a pull down menu with the 10 previous or next entries (articles) listed respectively.


The opening or closing state (▼▲) of the previous list / next list pull down, will be saved as was left on its last use. In case you are using an account which has a corporate contract, the pulldown state will return to the initial setting (opened) while logging out.

Search in the current text content

In the search box of the right side of the page, you can search the text content you are looking for or all contents of the Basic Search, so you have no the need to go back to the search page.


The state of the selected search range "Current content" or "All contents" will be saved as the state you have last used. In case you are using an account which has a corporate contract, the search range state will return to the initial setting ("Current content") while logging out.

Drawer slide menu

The “function buttons” at the top right of the page are also displayed at the lower left of the browser window. They can be closed by clicking the “◀” button.

Drawer slide menu

Knowledge Searcher ② Citation insert function ③ Prev ④ Next ⑤ Print ⑥ Notes
* All buttons are not displayed on every page

TIPSCitation insert functionWatch video

A function that automatically inserts the source of the quotation into text when it is copied from the JK screen and pasted into your word processing software is included in the JK system. By pasting the copied text from the site to any word processing software, the citation will also be automatically pasted.


Displayed citation information: title of source, content name, database name (JapanKnowledge), source URL, reference time and date

*This function is only available when using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. It is not available with Safari and other browsers.

*Please note that when special characters such as user-defined characters (gaiji ) or entity, etc. are copied, the data for these characters will be deleted (i.e. they will not display) when pasted into your word processing software.

*To use this function, turn off the "Knowledge Searcher." Also, if the copied text has less than 19 characters, this function will not be applicable.

TIPSTo go back to the search result display

To go back from the text content page to the previous page, click the "Back" button of the browser.


TIPSTo display the text content on another window

When you click a text content from the search result page, the text content page will load on the same window. When you want to display multiple articles at once, right-click on the link and select "Open link in new tab" or "Open link in new window." You can also open the link in a new window by clicking while pressing the shift key, or in a new tab by clicking while pressing the control key.


Privacy Policy - Purpose of collection and use of personal information

The registered name, address, contact information and payment information is used for the purposes of content distribution, payment procedure and confirmation. The personal information will not be used for other purposes than the required administration and service of JapanKnowledge.