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1 Login and Logout

How to loginWatch video

To make use of JapanKnowledge, you need to login. Click the Login button on the home page after selecting the login account type (For organization user account, for individual user account), and enter your ID and password.

Login Page

By checking the box "Remember me" before logging in, there will be no need to enter your ID and password the next time. (It is recommended to uncheck this box when sharing a computer or other device)

If you are using this site from an IP address which has a corporate contract, you will be able to use this site by only clicking the Login button.

How to logoutWatch video

Click the Logout button at the top right corner of the page.

By closing the browser without logging out, the account will be kept logged in. (If the number of login users exceeds the determined number, you will not be able to use the site for a certain amount of time)

TIPSLogin from a tab

There are other ways to login apart from clicking the Login button. You can go to the login page also by clicking Basic Search, Advanced Search or Bookshelf on the top left corner of the home page.

Login from a tab

▲ Home page of "For organization user account." By clicking the tab above, you can directly login.

TIPSWhile logged in, you can search whenever you want

In case you are already logged in, you can search directly from the box on the right side of the page instead of clicking the tabs Basic Search, Advanced Search or Bookshelf.

You can seach whenever you want


Privacy Policy - Purpose of collection and use of personal information

The registered name, address, contact information and payment information is used for the purposes of content distribution, payment procedure and confirmation. The personal information will not be used for other purposes than the required administration and service of JapanKnowledge.