Compass Rose English-Japanese Dictionary

Kenkyusha Co., Ltd.

Highly readable and usable, an English-Japanese dictionary to guide you in your English studies, combining grammar and illustrated content. Contains 105,000 entries.

The Compass Rose English-Japanese Dictionary is an advanced learner’s dictionary, with an abundance of new words, new meanings, and terms relating to current affairs. For the most essential terms, the full extent of the word’s meaning is illustrated, leading to an understanding which can be put to practical use. There is also substantial commentary on themes including “learning words by their root,” “usage,” “synonyms,” and “comparing Japanese and English.” Key principles of communication such as politeness and the use of honorifics are comprehensively explained. In addition to easy-to-understand demonstrations of useful sentence patterns for university entrance exams, a grammar commentary is included as an appendix. The dictionary includes a large number of example sentences which may be used in conversation and composition, as well as introducing idiomatic and frequently used collocations. The approximately 2,000 phrases which commonly appear on the TOEIC exam have been specified, divided into three levels.

The appendixes are fully included in the JapanKnowledge School edition. As well as being able to view these via links in the Appendix field on the main text screen, “Spelling and Pronunciation Commentary” and “Grammar Commentary” can be searched from the search screen.

* “Compass rose” refers to the design seen on maps and compass dials, indicating the directions. We strive to offer a dictionary which serves as a guide to help prevent travellers from getting lost , as they set sail on the great ocean that is the English language.
Editor: Akasu Kaoru
General Editors, “Illustrating Words”: Onishi Hiroto, Paul Chris McVay

Contents information

Original books コンパスローズ英和辞典
Publisher Kenkyusha Co., Ltd.
Publication date November 19, 2018
Number of volumes One volume
Book price Base price: ¥3,500 + tax
Release date February 24, 2021
Number of entries 105,000 entries
Number of characters 9,090,000 characters
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