Compass Rose Dictionary for Practical Writing in English

Kenkyusha Co., Ltd.

By linking a wealth of example sentences with templates, this landmark Japanese-English dictionary can be used as is for practical writing.

This is a practical Japanese-English dictionary that can be used for everything from general English composition to occupational English writing. Not only does the dictionary contain a wealth of examples that can be used directly for practical writing, such as business documents, papers, and reports, but the examples are linked to templates that show how the examples are actually used to enable more concrete and practical usage. Information on language use necessary for writing, such as sentence patterns and collocations, has also been upgraded to eliminate the hassle of looking up words again in an English-Japanese dictionary when writing. The electronic version has a greatly replenished vocabulary, allowing searches for a total of about 20,000 entries.

The JapanKnowledge School edition includes a “Usage and Function Index for Written Communication” page, and pages for “English Keywords” and “Japanese Keywords,” which provide a summary of keywords in English and Japanese.

Editors: Kenkyusha Dictionary Editing Division
Supervising Editor for Academic Writing: Sakimura Koji
Supervising Editor for Business Writing: Laurel Seacord

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Original books コンパスローズ和英ライティング辞典
Publisher Kenkyusha Co., Ltd.
Publication date March 16, 2023
Number of volumes One volume
Book price ¥2,970 (Pre-tax price ¥2,700+tax10%)
Release date April 1, 2024
Number of entries 19,870 entries
Number of characters 2,912,200 characters
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