Digital Dai-ji-sen Japanese Dictionary


Biannually updated dictionary containing 310,497 entries. Focusing on modern Japanese language, also including katakana words, archaisms, specialist terms, and idioms.

A large-scale dictionary of over 300,000 entries focusing on modern Japanese, while also including katakana words, archaisms, specialist terms, and idioms, such as those of ancient Chinese origin, the Daijisen is a grand compilation of terms.

In the Daijisen, meaning and usage are given in sequence of everyday followed by ancient or specialist. In other words, it is compiled according to an editorial philosophy aligned with modern life and emphasizing modern usage, reflected in the selection of present-day example sentences and constructions, so that current information can quickly be extracted.

It is the function of a dictionary to reflect the true meanings of terms, in all their diversity, yet language is of the nature to change from day to day. The Digital Daijisen is updated twice a year, keeping up with substantial additions of the katakana words and IT-related terms that proliferate in the world, providing users with a freshness of data surpassing that of past dictionaries.

Further, with links to quasi-synonyms and compounds or phrases followed by the same word; to the Dictionary of Japanese Counting Words; and even to Google Maps, it is ensured that the Digital Daijisen will continue to evolve.

General editor: Matsumura Akira
Editorial committee: Ikegami Akihiko, Kaneda Hiroshi, Sugizaki Kazuo, Suzuki Tanjiro, Nakajima Takashi, Hayashi Oki, Tobita Yoshifumi
Editorial assistant: Sone Osamu

Contents information

Original books 大辞泉 第二版
Publisher SHOGAKUKAN Inc.
Publication date November 02, 2012
Number of volumes Two volumes
Book price ¥16,500 (Pre-tax price ¥15,000+tax10%)
Release date April 2001 (Released based on the 1st Edition)
Number of entries 310,497 entries
Number of characters 24,823,489 characters
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Frequency of update Biannually
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