Digital Dai-ji-sen Plus


Bold coverage of currently trending proper nouns, from names of products, companies, and people, to titles of novels and films.

The Digital Daijisen is acclaimed as the leading digital Japanese dictionary. Drawing on its essence and know-how, the Digital Daijisen Plus is an offshoot of the venerable classic.
The Digital Daijisen Plus steps boldly into the world of proper names, which traditional Japanese dictionaries hesitate to comprehensively cover. Names of persons, companies, products and services; works including novels, films, and comic books; facilities such as roadside rest areas and amusement parks, as well as popular animated characters—the Digital Daijisen Plus records entries that are topics of contemporary conversation.
Because the dictionary presents a simple explanation for each item that filters only its main points, entries that large encyclopedias on the internet have trouble reading can be checked quickly. The Digital Daijisen Plus is updated annually, so it is filled with words you want to know and words you didn’t know.

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