Weekly Economist 2023-2024

Mainichi Shimbun Publishing Inc.

Economics magazine with over 90 years of history, delivered weekly in PDF format. Full text is searchable from previous year up to latest issue.

Weekly Economist is Japan’s representative economic journal, which retains its freshness after more than 90 years since its first publication. Serving as a compass for modern persons, it counts economists, managers, public servants, and politicians among its readership. Its appeal lies in its sharp analysis from economists and pundits, both academic and independent.
On JapanKnowledge, you can search by column title, keyword, or article body content. PDF format allows articles to be viewed the same as on a magazine page. Additionally, advanced search can be narrowed down by issue number or article type.
* The Weekly Economist on JapanKnowledge contains contents from the previous year and the current year (maximum of two years). Contents on JapanKnowledge are available after the magazine goes on sale.
* Some articles may not be available for copyright reasons.

Contents information

Original books 週刊エコノミスト
Publisher Mainichi Shimbun Publishing Inc.
Publication date Every Monday
Number of volumes 98 volumes (2 years' articles at a maximum)
Book price ¥850 each (Pre-tax price ¥773+tax10%)
Combined Issue: ¥990 each (Pre-tax price ¥900+tax10%)
Release date December 2002
Number of entries 5,000 entries (2 years' articles at a maximum)
Number of characters 14,600,000 characters (2 years' articles at a maximum)
About search Advanced Search and Bookshelves features available
Frequency of update Weekly
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(as of January 2024)