Edo Meisho Zue

(Famous Places in Edo)

CD-ROM edition: Yumani Shobo
Paperback edition: Chikumashobo Ltd.

A compilation of famous places in Edo and its surrounding areas, containing 1,800 place name entries, with the great attraction of 742 detailed illustrations.

Edo Meisho Zue is acclaimed as a compilation of famous places in Edo, and a representative topography of the Edo period. 7 volumes in 20 books, were published in two installments—Tenpo 5 (1834) and Tenpo 7 (1836). Included among the 1,000 entries are not only Edo, but also famous places in present-day Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama prefectures. Among the attractions are the 742 illustrations, including painter Hasegawa Settan’s bird's-eye view of shrines, temples, and scenic spots based on field surveys, and detailed and realistic depictions of daily life.
In the JapanKnowledge edition, in addition to basic and advanced searches, the “bookshelf” function allows readers to browse tables of contents from volumes of the Edo Meisho Zue to locate the desired page.
Text revision: Ichiko Natsuo, Suzuki Kenichi
Illustration commentary: Suzuki Shosei
©Yumani Shobo
©Chikumashobo Ltd.

Contents information

Original books 『江戸名所図会』 CD-ROM版
ちくま学芸文庫 『新訂 江戸名所図会I~VI』
Publisher CD-ROM edition: Yumani Shobo
Paperback edition: Chikumashobo Ltd.
Publication date CD-ROM edition: February 10,2000
Paperback edition: September 10, 1996 - February 10, 1997
Number of volumes Paperback edition: six volumes
Book price CD-ROM edition: Base price ¥58,000 + tax
Paperback edition: Base price ¥7,800 + tax
Release date April 10, 2008
Number of entries 1,800 entries / Illustration: 742 pieces
Number of characters 1,380,000 characters
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