COLOR GUIDE Tables of Food Composition,based on the STANDARD TABLES OF FOOD COMPOSITION IN JAPAN - 2020 - (Eighth Revised Version)

TAISHUKAN Publishing Co., Ltd.

Not limited to food composition tables and commentaries on food, the COLOR GUIDE is chock full of useful dietary information. A fun-to-look-at and fun-to-read food guidebook.

The COLOR GUIDE Tables of Food Composition is a combination of “tables of food composition,” “commentaries on food,” and “the basics of nutrition and food preparation knowledge” in one guidebook. The COLOR GUIDE gives nutrient composition values for almost all the 2,478 food items in the MEXT* STANDARD TABLES OF FOOD COMPOSITION IN JAPAN - 2020 - (Eighth Revised Version) in easy-to-read tables, and also carries commentaries on food and photos of actual food items.

* Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology - Japan

The book contains a wealth of materials, such as the names of fruits and vegetables that we frequently encounter, what the actual fish that provide raw fish slices look like, the times when food items are in season and their production areas, cooking methods, Q&A and trivia columns to help people to become more familiar with food items, and basic knowledge on food seasoning and preparation. Chock-full of useful dietary information, this convenient guide makes it possible to search for information on eating and food, a theme everyone is familiar with, in just this one book.

As well as making it possible to search for around 500 food item names in 18 food categories, such as “grains” and “vegetables,” the JapanKnowledge School also enables searches to be made by types of food item names, such as “salmon roe” and “camembert.” In addition to individual pages on food categories and food items, as it is possible to display pages of the printed version of the book in the book viewer, a list of the items in a food category can also be displayed.

All “food composition tables” are downloadable as Excel files. This is very convenient for checking the detailed compositions of food items or performing calculations involving food item compositions

* Please note that the COLOR GUIDE does not include commercial foods.

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Original books 八訂準拠 カラーガイド食品成分表
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