Yuhikaku Dictionary of Psychology


A definitive dictionary of psychology that covers the latest trends in the entire field from basics to applied psychology.

Published in 2021, the Yuhikaku Dictionary of Psychology is a major revision by over 300 writers of its forerunner, the Dictionary of Psychology (1999). This most up-to-date dictionary encompasses the whole domain of contemporary psychology (from basic knowledge on sensory perception, learning, cognition, emotion, action, development, personality, etc. to [practical and clinical] application). The dictionary also gives attention to the latest findings in adjacent sciences such as brain science and neuroscience. Consisting of three parts, in addition to entries on general psychology, a section containing entries related to the Certified Public Psychologist has been created, and a separate section containing biographical entries is also included. Adding the “miyo” (direct reference) entries to the 3,600 general psychology entries, 157 entries related to the Certified Public Psychologist, and 210 biographical entries, the number of entries for the whole dictionary totals 5,200.

The Act on Certified Public Psychologists, enacted in September 2015, established a national qualification in the field of psychology. Based on the new act, the names of laws and ordinances, facilities and organizations, qualifications and specialists essential for Certified Public Psychologists have been included and explained in the dictionary, making this a useful asset in the actual work of Certified Public Psychologists as well as for exam preparation.
For the biographical entries, as well as listing the birthplace, academic career, and official posts held by the person, an effort has been made to enable an understanding of the historical time in which the person was active. Further, by indicating the birthplace and where the person moved to on a biography list map with illustrations (included in the list of figures, tables and video contents in the appendix), it is easy to see at a glance information such as where the person was active during the two great wars of the 20th century.

The JapanKnowledge version has added a function whereby a follow-on search can be swiftly made from the words indexed below the main text. In addition, the online version contains an alphabetically ordered “quotes and bibliography” that is not included in the book version. Furthermore, approximately 90 items of materials such as figures and videos not included in the book version can also be browsed in the list of figures, tables, and video contents.

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Original books 有斐閣 現代心理学辞典
Publication date February 25, 2021
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Number of entries 5,200 entries
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