Genius Comprehensive English

TAISHUKAN Publishing Co., Ltd.

Genius Comprehensive English is the grammar edition of the Genius English-Japanese Dictionary (5th edition, the G5). The G5 is highly prized for its easy-to-understand explanations of grammar and usage which are challenging to Japanese learners of English. As with the G5, with Genius Comprehensive English, we have endeavored to lucidly and comprehensively explain those areas which are difficult for high school students. Where necessary, our explanations delve deeper into territory not covered in previous books of this type.
As a result, Genius Comprehensive English emerges as a grammar book with valuable features based on the content of the G5, such as substantial information on grammar and usage; reliable example sentences and commentary; and 100 feature columns on communication.

For the JapanKnowledge School edition, we have provided audio for the model sentences illustrating each grammar entry, and included a supplementary field displaying all feature columns at a glance, for quick access. Further, we have added useful functions for learning, such as a button for displaying the answers for the “Question Box” and “Check” features.

Chief editors: Nakamura Mitsuo, Yamaoka Kenji, Kashino Kenji

Contents information

Original books ジーニアス総合英語
Publisher TAISHUKAN Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publication date October 20, 2017
Number of volumes One volume
Book price Base price: 1,500 + tax
Release date April 1, 2021
Number of entries 162 entries
Number of characters 592,927 characters
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