Shogakukan Edition Educational Manga: Japanese History for Schools


Have fun while learning correct knowledge based on precise historical evidence; 22 volumes.

Reading manga is the best way to learn Japanese history! The spark for this boom was the “Shogakukan Edition Educational Manga: Japanese History for Schools.” These manga present a fascinating reconstruction of Japanese history from the Paleolithic period to the present day, just prior to the change of the era name to Reiwa, based on precise historical evidence. As the first history book met by children, this extremely thorough series makes it possible to gain correct knowledge while having fun.

An amazing more than 20 million books have been sold since the manga were first published. As this outstandingly popular series was lovingly read by the girl who became the model for the story Biri Gyaru (the lowest ranking girl in the class), who passed the entrance exam for Keio University, it gained the reputation of helping students raise their standard deviation score, making the series useful also when studying for junior high, high school and university entrance examinations.

Easy to read because they are manga, but with authentic contents. Students will come to love history by studying with these engaging manga.

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Contents information

Original books 小学館版学習まんが 少年少女・日本の歴史〔改訂・増補版〕
Publisher SHOGAKUKAN Inc.
Publication date vol.1 - vol.21: February 4, 1988
vol.22: October 5, 2018
Number of volumes A work in 22 volumes
Book price ¥20,086 (Pre-tax price ¥18,260+tax10%)
Release date April 1, 2022
Number of entries 22 volumes ; 3,488 pages
Number of characters
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