Pocket Progressive Italian-Japanese/Japanese-Italian Dictionary


Contents range from specialist terms to terms relating to current affairs, for understanding modern Italy. Contains 45,000 Italian-Japanese terms; 20,000 Japanese-Italian terms.

This dictionary contains a wide variety of Italian words, ranging from current terms needed to understand contemporary Italy to technical terms concerning art, music, cooking, soccer, etc. With its compact design, this Italian dictionary from the Pocket Progressive series is perfect for casual use when you want to look up Italian words you encounter.
The Italian-Japanese dictionary contains 45,000 entries, including expressions and idioms necessary for reading and understanding newspapers and magazines. It also includes, to the maximum extent possible, persons' names, organization names, place names and abbreviations. Each headword is presented with stress indicated by underline. Basic words (approximately 2,700 words) are accompanied by pronunciation guidance in katakana. The Japanese-Italian dictionary contains 20,000 words, including, to the maximum extent possible, expressions and examples that can be used in conversation and composition.
Taking advantage of the two-color printing in the printed edition, the JapanKnowledge edition displays important words in an easy-to-recognize format. Parts of speech and labels for technical terms are included unabridged, enabling you to search for a word based on these items.
Editors: Kori Shiro, Ikeda Kiyoshi

Contents information

Original books ポケットプログレッシブ伊和・和伊辞典
Publisher SHOGAKUKAN Inc.
Publication date May 1, 2001
Number of volumes One volume
Book price ¥3,300 (Pre-tax price ¥3,000+tax10%)
Release date February 1, 2010
Number of entries Italian-Japanese: 45,000 entries
Japanese- Italian: 20,000 entries
Number of characters Italian -Japanese: 2,399,000 characters
Japanese- Italian: 590,000 characters
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