Iwanami Great World Biographical Dictionary

Iwanami Shoten, Publishers

Japan’s largest dictionary of foreign names from all parts of the world, from myths and legends to living persons. Over 38,000 total entries.

Aiming to compile a comprehensive and reliable guide to personal names, this biographical dictionary of non-Japanese names, the largest in Japan, has been realized with the cooperation of over 800 top-class experts from a wide range of fields. With over 38,000 total entries, the dictionary includes the biographies of actual people as well as fictitious, mythological and legendary figures from all countries and regions except Japan. Fictitious names, e.g. from novels or films, as well as many names of groups or families are included, with information on the names, such as the spelling in the original language and pseudonyms, provided in all cases. Each biography is detailed and easy to understand, giving abundant information on publications and works of art, etc. This version also reflects information on the year of death regarding more than 800 entries between publication of the dictionary in 2013 and the appearance of this edition on JapanKnowledge.

Besides searches for entry names, the JapanKnowledge edition makes it possible to search for both names in the original language spelling and pseudonyms. The appendix of the paper edition is also available as a PDF file.

Compilers: Iwanami Publishing Dictionary Department

Contents information

Original books 岩波 世界人名大辞典
Publisher Iwanami Shoten, Publishers
Publication date December 12, 2013
Number of volumes Two volumes
Book price ¥30,800 (Pre-tax price ¥28,000+tax10%)
Release date October 7, 2019
Number of entries 38,580 entries
Number of characters 12,613,000 characters
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