Iwanami Science Library: A Selection of 95

Iwanami Shoten, Publishers

Series of scientific readings on a wide range of themes from natural science and its peripheries, delivered in an easy-to-understand and engaging style.

This library is a scientific book series first published in 1993. These books take up a wide range of subject matter on science from fields such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and geoscience,—the fields that everyone thinks of as “the sciences”—to borderline areas with humanities and social sciences included. Additionally, the books not only provide explanations of cutting-edge topics on science, but also look at how scientific research is conducted and the relations between science and society. The Iwanami Science Library was first published with the concept of conveying the deep attraction that lies in natural phenomena and presenting the profiles of the scientists who made the original scientific discoveries in enjoyable and easy-to-understand books. While the standard for books in this series is a compact 128 pages, it is possible to experience the feeling of looking at the world with new eyes each time you finish reading one of the books in this series.

The JapanKnowledge School features 95 Iwanami Science Library carefully selected for junior high and high school students.

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Contents information

Original books 岩波科学ライブラリー
Publisher Iwanami Shoten, Publishers
Publication date January 22, 1996 - April 16, 2021
Number of volumes 95 volumes
Book price Base price: ¥121,900 + tax
Release date April 1, 2021
Number of entries 95 volumes ; 12,235 pages
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