Maps of Japan: Blank Outline Maps

Heibonsha Cartographic Publishing Co., Ltd.

Downloadable images of detailed and accurate maps of Japan at national, regional, and prefectural levels, available for trial use.

This is a map image collection from Heibonsha Cartographic, who specialize in the editing and production of educational maps, including those found in various textbooks, such as Tokyo Shoseki’s social studies textbooks, and Heibonsha’s own Japan Atlas series.

National, regional, and prefectural maps of Japan are available in six modes – blank outline; blank outline (no place names); natural features; administrative districts; transportation, and administration/gradation. These will prove effective for educational use.

Downloadable JPEG files and PDF files that can be copied and printed have been prepared for the JapanKnowledge School version. We hope you will make use of these for maps to be used in combination with learning activities.

* Maps for certain entries may be unavailable.

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