Junior Progressive English-Japanese Dictionary


Important points are seen and understood in this useful English-Japanese dictionary for beginners up to high school entrance exams.

The Junior Progressive English-Japanese Dictionary, containing 15,800 headwords and 13,000 examples of usages, is an English-Japanese dictionary with a large quantity of information useful for beginners who have just begun to study English up to entrance examinations for high schools.
Particularly important headwords are indicated in red, and for words that have multiple parts of speech and meanings a list of parts of speech and meanings is given below the headword, making it easy to find what you are looking for. In addition, basic verbs such as “come” and “get,” and prepositions such as “in” and “of,” which look easy but which are actually quite profound, are explained carefully and in detail using boxed articles and graphics to enable students to firmly acquire basic words.
The vocabulary contained in the dictionary was determined through an examination of all textbooks used in Japan and covers almost 100% of the Japanese edition of the internationally authoritative Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR-J) A2 rank words, which are equivalent to the vocabulary met in the junior high school third year and high school first and second year level in Japan.
Information that we especially wish students to know about, such as indications of sentence patterns, points about idioms, and how to understand the different uses of synonyms, are summarized in four kinds of boxed articles, “This is the point!” “Let’s compare,” “Do you know this?” and “Expression memo.” Roughly 300 illustrations help to make it possible to learn practical English visually.
The Appendix also contains a section on “Grammar for making good use of the dictionary” and “Communication using English” that has example conversations for different kinds of situations.

The JapanKnowledge edition has added audio data for the pronunciation of headwords, idiomatic phrases, derivatives, and so on. Words for which the pronunciation is hard to know from the phonetic symbols alone can be confirmed using this native-speaker pronunciation audio data. Further, an index of boxed articles has been placed in the reference material window in the main dictionary display. The convenient boxed articles that make learning English fun can be accessed with one click.

Editor: Yoshida Kensaku

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Original books プログレッシブ中学英和辞典
Publisher SHOGAKUKAN Inc.
Publication date February 20, 2014
Number of volumes One volume
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Release date April 1, 2022
Number of entries 15,800 entries (Number of entries on JK : 12,800)
Number of characters 1,501,600 characters
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