Kamakura Ibun (Collection of Historical Materials of the Kamakura Period) comprises 42 volumes with 4 ones of supplementary materials published by Rizo Takeuchi (1907-1997) over a period of 24 years from 1971. Thus, it is a complete collection of all roughly 36,000 antique texts from the Kamakura period.

In 2006, the Historiographical Institute of the University of Tokyo produced and published a “Full Text Database of Kamakura Ibun” based on the above-mentioned Kamakura Ibun, and this led to the publication of a “CD-ROM Version of Kamakura Ibun” by Tokyodo Shuppan Co., Ltd in 2008. The “Web Version of Kamakura Ibun” now being made available from JK contains not only all the volumes of Kamakura Ibun. It is also a database that includes new research achievements, not contained in the CD-ROM version, such as the “Kamakura Ibun Supplementary Materials Edition of the Toji Temple Documents” (3 volumes) edited by the Kamakura Ibun Research Group, and the “Revised ‘Shirakawa Volume of the Toji Temple Documents’ included in the ‘Kamakura Ibun’” produced by the Medieval History Seminar of the Graduate School of Waseda University.

The most important feature of this web version is that a type-page of the book can be browsed on the same screen as a keyword search. Illustrations and genealogical charts are also displayed, this being impossible with the CD-ROM version. A link function to the Historiographical Institute of the University of Tokyo “Union Catalog Database of Japanese Historical Documents” has also been provided, making it possible to access various kinds of information through the use of this “Web Version of the Kamakura Ibun.

Production cooperation: 公益財団法人角川文化振興財団/東京大学史料編纂所/鎌倉遺文研究会

Contents information

Original books Kamakura Ibun vol.1 - vol.42: 1185-1134
Kamakura Ibun supplement vol.1 - vol.4: 1185-1133
Kamakura Ibun Toji Temple Documents vol.1 - vol.3: 1186-1133
Publisher Tokyodo Shuppan Co., Ltd.
Original publication date Kamakura Ibun vol.1 - vol.42: 1971-1991
Supplement vol.1 - vol.4: 1994-1995
Toji Temple Documents vol.1 - vol.3: 2011-2014
Number of volumes Kamakura Ibun 42 volumes, supplement 4 volumes, Toji Temple Documents 3 volumes
Release date of JK [1st phase]December 10, 2018
[2nd phase]December 2, 2019
Number of pages [1st phase]19,415 entries
[2nd phase]16,703 entries
Number of articles [1st phase]7,400,000 characters
[2nd phase]5,604,348characters
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