Sekai Kokusei Zue

(Graphs and Tables of Global Census)

The Tsuneta Yano Memorial Society

Data book of international statistics, plainly explaining conditions and economic climates of the world, in tables and graphs. Annually updated.

A data book of international statistics, Sekai Kokusei Zue (Graphs and Tables of Global Census) has been in publication since 1985 as a companion to Nihon Kokusei Zue (Graphs and Tables of Japan National Census).
At that time, Japan was in a period of rapid internationalization, and there were growing calls from readers for a publication specializing in international statistics. As a response, the international statistics printed in Nihon Kokusei Zue were greatly expanded, resulting in this separate book. Initially published every other year, Sekai Kokusei Zue became an annual publication from 1996, continuing for a quarter of a century since then. Throughout this period, up to the present day, we have endeavored to expand the published contents, gaining the cooperation of international organizations, government and municipal offices, all manner of industry groups, and research agencies.

This book is comprised of a wide range of themes, including each country’s land area; population; labor figures; GDP; energy and natural resources; agriculture, forestry, and fisheries; industries; foreign trade and balance of payments; public finance and monetary circulation; commodity prices; transportation; telecommunications, science, and technology; livelihoods; armaments and disarmament. Along with statistical tables and graphs, each chapter includes a commentary explaining the general situation. We also aim to respond in a timely manner to current topics, publishing further explanatory articles as needed.

The Sekai Kokusei Zue has many admirers among specialists in economics, as a book offering easy access to a variety of international statistics. The published data is also widely used in social studies textbooks and reference books, serving as a source of questions for high school and university entrance exams.

Statistical data may appear as a dry list of figures, but in fact they richly communicate the present conditions of society, and can point towards the future. In a modern society inundated with information, it becomes all the more important to consider matters on the basis of statistical facts. We would be delighted if the Sekai Kokusei Zue could serve as an aid to the reader’s contemplation of the world.

The JapanKnowledge edition enables heading searches for the titles of graphs and tables as well as full text searches for material sources and annotations.

[Caution] When printing out a large table, depending on the printing settings, the tabulation may become misaligned or the table may not print completely. Please adjust the layout, paper size, etc. before printing.

The "Zue" of Nihon Kokusei Zue and Sekai Kokusei Zue is used to refer to a "collection of illustrations" in order to explain a certain matter.
The oldest use of the term "Zue" in a title is found in the "Wakan Sansai Zue" (first published in 1712), a pictorial encyclopedia that gives illustrated explanations about everything that was known at the time.
Entitling his publication Nihon Kokusei Zue, Tsuneta Yano had in mind the image of an illustrated encyclopedia that would give an overall view of Japan's national census.

*The two most recent editions are available in the JapanKnowledge School.

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Original books 世界国勢図会 2020/21 ~ 世界国勢図会 2023/24
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世界国勢図会 2021/22: February 9, 2022
世界国勢図会 2022/23: February 1, 2023
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