Dictionary of Legal Terms (5th Edition)


Contains 14,000 terms, from general terminology, to that required for learning and legal practice. New and revised laws are supported.

The Dictionary of Legal Terms is a specialized version of Yuhikaku’s Japanese Language Dictionary for legal terms. It contains 14,000 entries, from legal terms used in daily newspapers and television news programs to specialized terms necessary for academic study and legal practice. It explains rules unique to Japanese law on differences between similar words, such as the differences in the uses of “matawa” and “moshikuwa” or “tadachini,” “sumiyakani” and “chitainaku.” Also, each entry is explained in about 200 characters, with priority placed first on accuracy and ease of understanding.
The contents of the new edition cover new and amended laws that have been passed since the previous (2012) edition.

[Main new and amended laws covered]

Administrative Complaint Review Act, My Number Act, Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets, Acts Related to Peace and Security Legislation, Civil Code (laws related to securities, inheritance, etc.), Commercial Code, Companies Act, Penal Code, Act on Punishment of Acts Inflicting Death or Injury on Others by Driving a Motor Vehicle, etc., Code of Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Training Schools Act, Acts Related to Work Style Reform, and others.

Compilers: Horeiyogo Kenkyukai Committee

Contents information

Original books 法律用語辞典 第5版
Publication date December 15, 2020
Number of volumes One volume
Book price ¥5,720 (Pre-tax price ¥5,200+tax10%)
Release date March 18, 2013 (4th Edition)
Number of entries 14,000 entries
Number of characters 2,205,800 characters
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