Encyclopedia of the Limits of Human Tolerance and Adaptation

Asakura Publishing Co., Ltd.

Wide-ranging commentaries given in fields such as physical exercise and sports, psychology, life and health, and technology on the theme of the limits of human abilities.

This is a unique encyclopedia that has the theme of the limits of human abilities. These “limits” cover a broad spectrum of areas, including pressure in everyday life, the role of counseling, memory and learning, and many others. In the encyclopedia, commentaries on questions such as how far an athlete’s prowess can be enhanced by training, how much environmental stress in terms of temperature and atmospheric pressure can be endured by humans, are penned by top-class researchers in a wide range of fields, including ergonomics, physiology, psychology, sports science, and nutrition. Each entry begins with an explanation of basic concepts that makes the contents easy to read without any specialized knowledge. The themes on human limits are also closely related to the society right in front of our eyes. The encyclopedia contains entries on subjects such as environmental pollution, living space, clothes, and night work as well as giving introductions to technology-related subjects such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AI).

The JapanKnowledge School edition gives a chapter summary in a single entry, making it easy to grasp the contextual flow of related contents. In addition, as well as a link to the index being placed above each entry title, a list showing the order of links to that entry is displayed at the end of the main text to enhance ease of browsing to related entries in the same or other fields. Furthermore, as search targets are not only entry titles but also subentry titles and subheadings within entries, it is possible to search and jump easily and directly to the content one wishes to read.

Editors: Muraki Satoshi, Hasegawa Hiroshi, Ogawa Keiko

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Original books 人間の許容・適応限界事典
Publisher Asakura Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publication date November 1, 2022
Number of volumes One volume
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Release date July 20, 2023
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