Tokei de Miru Nihon

(Major Statistics of Japan)

Japan Statistical Association

Must-have dataset of analyses of Japan’s present social/economic condition, explained in easy-to-understand tables and graphs. The two most recent editions are available.

The society and economy we live in change year by year. To know how Japan has changed and the current state of the country, it is important to refer to statistical data compiled through studies of the actual situation in Japan’s society and economy.
As a publication designed to provide an understanding of the current state of Japan, Major Statistics of Japan selects basic statistics that capture the realities of a wide range of fields, including the national territory, population, daily life, social welfare, education, culture, economy, work and labor, industrial activity, tourism, information and telecommunications, finance, and public finance. Easy-to-understand explanations on these fields are provided by tables of statistical data, illustrations and graphs.
As Major Statistics of Japan was first published in 1995, perusing the chronological data in successive editions it is possible to visualize the important social and economic themes that have appeared over the years along with their trends.

※The two most recent editions are available in the JapanKnowledge School.

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Original books 統計でみる日本 2021
統計でみる日本 2022
Publisher Japan Statistical Association
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Release date 2021 Edition: April 1, 2021
2022 Edition: June 9, 2022
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