A User-Friendly Timeline of Japanese History (with furigana)

Yoshikawa Kobunkan

Covering ancient to modern history and searchable by person name, event entry, and by year, with kana readings given for all kanji within article texts.

From Yoshikawa Kobunkan, the publishers of Kokushi Daijiten (Encyclopedia of Japanese History) comes this new compilation including User-Friendly Timelines, of ancient, medieval, early modern, modern, and contemporary Japan. As with the printed edition, all kanji in the main text are given kana readings, with clarifications for hard-to-decipher person names and historical terminology.
Additionally, the digital edition newly enables searching across person names, item names, and by Western or Japanese calendar. Using the "Knowledge Searcher" function, which searches while you trace the text, you can quickly search historical matters in the text.
For a deeper understanding of the timelines, we also include some of the useful materials found in the second edition of Nihon-shi Sogo Nempyo (Comprehensive Timeline of Japanese History) also published by Yoshikawa Kobunkan.

Contents information

Original books 誰でも読める 古代史年表
誰でも読める 中世史年表
誰でも読める 近世史年表
誰でも読める 近代史年表
誰でも読める 現代史年表
Publisher Yoshikawa Kobunkan
Publication date December 10, 2006 - November 10, 2008
Number of volumes A work in five volumes
Book price ¥25,850 (Pre-tax price ¥23,500+tax10%)
Release date Ancient history: February 13, 2008
Medieval history: April 30, 2008
Modern history - Contemporary history: April 1, 2011
Number of entries 14,000 entries
Number of characters 4,960,000 characters
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