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The latest encyclopedia of news keywords explained briefly and lucidly by front-line journalists.

Kyodo News is a representative Japanese news service that provides articles, photos and videos to newspaper companies and broadcasting stations nationwide. In addition to news distribution, Kyodo News also distributes its Encyclopedia of Latest News to deepen readers' understanding of the news.
The encyclopedia keeps track of everything from words that you think you know but are hard to explain, to special terms, neologisms, and even historical events. Precise and easy-to-understand, the explanations are penned by front-line journalists from the latest information.

The JapanKnowledge School edition includes the past five years of the encyclopedia and also adds words and updates the encyclopedia every day (*Registration every day except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.). We hope you will make good use of this resource when reading the news, in study in the classroom or at home, when writing reports, and so on.

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Original Data 共同通信社「ズーム」
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Release date April 3, 2023
Number of entries About 10,000 entries (5 years' articles at a maximum)
Number of characters About 1,960,000 characters (5 years' articles at a maximum)
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