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An international news weekly with a unique analytical angle. The latest edition and a year of back numbers available.

Multifaceted thinking – Newsweek Japan exemplifies “multifaceted thinking,” analyzing the international situation from a global viewpoint, not just that of Japan.
The US weekly “Newsweek” appeared in Japanese in 1986. Analyzing the world news from its unique angle, this is an international news weekly that publishes the situation in Japan and the world from its versatile viewpoint.
Full coverage of not merely politics and economics but also articles that give us a hint of what the future holds, such as articles on the latest medical and cutting-edge technologies, advance entertainment info, and topics from around the world that are not taken up by the Japanese media. How far has the world advanced? What is happening in the world? If this is how you feel, then this is the perfect timing for you to read this magazine. Newsweek Japan will bring you the realities of the world that Japanese people need to know and the facts that the Japanese media does not report.
* Publication on the JapanKnowledge School includes the data for the previous year’s issues and the current year’s issues up to the latest edition (a maximum of two years of back numbers). The data is updated on or after the date on which the magazine goes on sale.
* Some articles may not be available for copyright reasons.
* The JapanKnowledge School browser viewer uses the Voyager Japan, Inc.  BinB reading system.

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