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(Nikkei's glossary of current affairs keywords)

Nikkei HR, Inc

Over 500 current affairs keywords. Best glossary for a clear understanding of the current situation. Annually updated.

Nikkei Keywords classifies the latest developments into 11 themes, including politics and economics, labor, technology, society, and culture, each of which contains keywords with explanations for grasping the trends in each of the themes.
Topical keywords are especially taken up in greater detail in the “important keywords” of the year.
When reading about themes that interest you or themes you are not clear about, Nikkei Keywords will help you understand the keywords in that field as well as the current situation and future issues. At the end of each theme, there is also a quiz for checking your comprehension.
Basic terms that everyone should know are listed in the “Mini-Dictionary of Basic Terms” in the materials section. When you read the news in the newspaper, etc., if you understand the meanings of the terms, you should find it easier to grasp the significance of incidents and to predict future trends.
If you are a student seeking employment, Nikkei Keywords will help you gain confidence in current affairs, or if you are a working adult, Nikkei Keywords will help you acquire the basic minimum of knowledge on terms that you should know. We hope everyone will use Nikkei Keywords to improve their news comprehension skills and as an aid in examinations for qualifications and civil service examinations.

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Release date June 1, 2023: First Release of Nikkei Keywords 2023-2024
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