The Complete Japanese Encyclopedia is an enormous collection of information, including approximately 140,000 entries and 500,000 index words and is Japan's only encyclopedia that is regularly updated and revised. This Encyclopedia also includes many references to books as well as lists of URLs and images, and can serve as a "gateway for any type of research".

Contents information

Original books 日本大百科全書
Publisher Shogakukan, Inc.
Publication date
[Revised Edition]
vol.1 - vol.18: January 1, 1994
vol.19 - vol.25: January 10, 1994
Number of volumes A work in twenty-five volumes
Book price Base price: ¥242,725 + tax
Release date of JK April 2001
Number of entries 140,073 entries
Number of characters 76,357,104 characters
About search Advanced Search available
Frequency of update Monthly
(as of April 2017)

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