The Noh and Kyogen Dictionary (New Edition)

Heibonsha Limited, Publishers

Covering over 500 noh and kyogen works, with commentary, matters of history and performance, and even person names. An essential, foundational resource for noh research.

The Noh and Kyogen Dictionary: New Edition is a completely new work based on the Noh and Kyogen Dictionary: Revised and Expanded Edition published in 1999. Filled with new material, it takes into account the latest research, performances and changes in the world of noh and kyogen. Commentaries on more than 500 noh and kyogen pieces, entries on noh-kyogen history and acting and even names of persons related to noh and kyogen are comprehensively covered and updated with the latest information.
Entries are placed under the category of “Plays,” “Matters,” or “Persons.” In the category of “Plays,” commentaries on more than 510 titles performed in noh-kyogen, including so-called genko-kyoku (titles often performed), bangai-kyoku (titles no longer performed) and new plays written in the modern era, are provided. The “Matters” category contains about 100 entries on noh-kyogen history, including manuscripts of artistic traditions and histories of acting styles. It also includes about 250 entries on acting techniques and props. The “Persons” category contains about 170 entries on noh authors such as Zeami, performers, and even names of foreign academics. It includes a list of currently active performers, mainly those belonging to the Association for Japanese Noh Plays. (With the exception of a portion of the “Matters” category, entries are listed in Japanese syllabary order.)
As supplements, PDF lists of noh-kyogen plays grouped together using numbers, award recipients, noh theaters in Japan, reference books and chronological tables concerning noh and kyogen are provided.

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Original books 新版 能・狂言事典
Publisher Heibonsha Limited, Publishers
Publication date January 25, 2011
Number of volumes One volume
Book price ¥7,150 (Pre-tax price ¥6,500+tax10%)
Release date March 1, 2012
Number of entries 1,900 entries
Number of characters 584,000 characters
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