Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (10th Edition)

Oxford University Press

Over 1000 words, phrases, and meanings newly added. Examples based on current usage. CEFR levels also added for easier use.

The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is an English-English dictionary treasured by English learners throughout the world for many years.
The 10th edition features more than 1000 additional new words, phrases and word meanings as well as showing example sentences based on current usage.
For further ease of use, CEFR levels have been added to the Oxford 3000™, which was included in the 9th edition. The Oxford 5000™, which includes important vocabulary for advanced learners, has been newly adopted in the 10th edition. Also new in this edition is the OPAL™ (Oxford Phrasal Academic Lexicon) mark, convenient when checking important words and phrases for use in academic papers and research.
For polysemous words (words with multiple meanings), the dictionary includes useful features for learners, such as subheadings for meanings, called “shortcuts,” which make it easier to grasp the overall sense of each meaning.

The JapanKnowledge edition maintains the special features of the book edition. Every effort has been made to create an easy-to-read display by using the same marks and symbols as in the book edition and enclosed explanatory columns. Furthermore, entry words and their homonyms, verb conjugations, and usage examples in the main text are accompanied by audio pronunciations. Each pronunciation can be heard in both British and American English.

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Original books Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary: 10th Edition
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication date March 2020
Number of volumes One volume
Book price ¥6,237 (Pre-tax price ¥5,670+tax10%)
Release date JK:April 1, 2019 (9th Edition)
JKS:April 1, 2021 (9th Edition)
Number of entries 56,500 entries
Number of letters 21,883,000 letters
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