Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (9th edition)

Oxford University Press

Trusted English dictionary, well-loved around the world. Rich in collocation information, while indication of important terms, polysemous words and synonyms is easy to see.

The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary has been in constant use for many years by English learners all over the world.

The “key” mark indicates the 3,000 words (The Oxford 3000™) selected by more than 70 linguistics research experts and English teachers. The “AWL” mark indicates the Academic Word List, words that are necessary for university education in English. Awareness of the frequency and importance of words enables efficient learning.

Meanings of words are also defined using The Oxford 3000™ and the Language Study Terms list. For words with multiple meanings, the dictionary includes useful features for learners, such as subheadings for meanings, called “shortcuts,” to make it easier to grasp the overall sense of each meaning.

The JapanKnowledge edition adopts the latest 9th edition. The special features of the book version are maintained as they are. Every effort has been made to create an easy-to-read display by using the same marks and symbols as in the book version and enclosed explanatory columns. It is also possible to search for phrasal verbs and idioms using headword searches.

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