Obunsha Dictionary of High School Mathematical Solutions, 9th Edition (Digital Revised Edition)

Obunsha Co., Ltd.

Contains 3,600 typical practice questions from all fields of high school mathematics. Given in addition to solution formulae, are alternative solutions, research materials, references, and cautionary guidance.

Containing roughly 3,600 typical and illustrative problems from all branches of high school mathematics, this dictionary is a masterful compilation of standard mathematical solutions. As alternative solutions, research hints, reference materials and notes are also given throughout the dictionary in addition to the typical solutions, this dictionary will aid you in acquiring a broad and multifaceted knowledge of mathematics.Compatible with government guidelines for teaching effective from April 2022 (Reiwa 4).
Editor profiles (in syllabic order)

Professor Higuchi Teiichi, D.Sc.
Professor Emeritus, Yokohama National University. Enthusiastic instructor of high school students, in addition to university students. Author of numerous specialist publications, including Calculus for Cultivation (Morikita Publishing), and of solutions to National University Entrance Exam Questions. Born 1933 in Gunma Prefecture, completed graduate studies at Tokyo University of Education (now University of Tsukuba), specializing in multivariable function theory.

Professor Morita Yasuo, D.Sc.
Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University; University President Special Appointment Professor, Tohoku University. Science Council of Japan member. Former editorial committee member of high school Mathematics textbooks (Obunsha Co.), chief examiner for new national curriculum, science and mathematics department. Author of multiple works including Introduction to Algebra (Shokabo Co.) and Number Theory (University of Tokyo Press). Born 1945 in Wakayama Prefecture, completed master’s degree at The University of Tokyo. Specialisms are number theory, as well as mathematics education and entrance examinations.

Contents information

Original books 高校数学解法事典 第九版
Publisher Obunsha Co., Ltd.
Publication date January 27, 2012
Number of volumes One volume
Book price ¥6,270 (Pre-tax price ¥5,700+tax10%)
Release date JK:April 1, 2019 (9th Edition) / October 12, 2023 (9th Edition, Digital Revised Edition)
JKS:April 1, 2024 (9th Edition, Digital Revised Edition)
Number of entries 3,600 entries (Number of headline entries on JK : 3,358)
Number of characters 249,000 characters (*Not including problems and solutions)
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